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I am a currently full time Guides Writer, covering features and reviews of new releases and popular older ones too, with Gfinity – see my author profile here.

Additionally, I have previously covered multiple guides and lists on Dead by Daylight, Final Fantasy XIV, Death Stranding, Minecraft, Skyrim, and more with TheGamer – see my author profile here.

Besides that, find my latest published features – and personal favourite pieces – linked below:

Animal Crossing New Horizons Version 2.0 Review: A Great Update That’s Arrived a Little Too Late (Gfinity) 19/11/2021

Multiplayer Horror Is Bigger Than Ever: Here’s Why, and What You Should Play (Gfinity) 29/10/2021

Games, Mental Health and The Digital Realms We Escape To (Startmenu) 29/10/2021

House of Ashes Review: “The Ancient Religion and Mythology Had Me Hooked” (GGRecon) 25/10/2021

Dead by Daylight: How Does the Hatch Work After the Update (Patch 5.3.0) (Gfinity) 22/10/2021

Ubisoft Has Added a Far Cry 6 DLC to Uno (Gfinity) 15/10/2021

Best Games (On Game Pass) To Revisit This Autumn (Startmenu) 11/10/2021

Dead By Daylight: All Survivors Ranked By Cuteness (TheGamer) 01/10/2021

Indie Developers Are Doing Their Best: An Interview with Lantern Studio and Puppet Combo (NME) 21/09/2021

Raynor, South Yorkshire’s Forgotten Football Giant (The Star), 03/2017

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