I am Kelsey Raynor – a Manchester-based, English & Film Studies graduate and Marketing Executive with a passion for marketing, writing, and all forms of media. I am more specifically passionate about helping to expand on equality an diversity within marketing and general media. This website acts as a portfolio of the work I am capable of, as well as a space in which I share my own personal critical and creative content too.

For any queries, please send me a message via any of the means listed on my ‘Contact‘ page. My CV is available to view here, also.

You can also find more of my film reviews on my Letterboxd profile. I only share my more in-depth reviews here on my portfolio.

I am also a Twitch Affiliate streamer in my spare time.

Listed below are websites/magazines/promotional companies that I currently or have previously worked with:

The Gryphon is the University of Leeds magazine focused on bringing students the latest news in all things Leeds, Arts, Fashion, Sports, Music etc. I am a writer and photographer for the music pages. See my posts here.

Frequency 21  was a Lancaster University publication dedicated to discovering new and independent music, making readers aware of the latest news in the music industry, as well as reviewing and interviewing talented artists. Unfortunately the site has since been taken down after funding ceased/creators graduated, but it was a pleasure to contribute articles for over a year.

The Star is a Sheffield publication in which I had the privilege of contributing an article to their physical newspaper about one of my deceased relatives sporting fame. See the article here.

A Young Economist’s Guide is a collection of children’s books I had the opportunity to work with. I wrote much of the websites written content and helped to form an email campaign with them.