A Short Story: Psychologist’s Notepad

“Describe yourself as if you are reading from a psychologist’s notepad. Analyse your behaviour, make possible diagnoses, etc.” Whilst I should be thinking about why I feel the way I feel and do the things that I do, I can’t help but consider what they think. Then again, I can’t help but consider what everyone thinks of my existence. Perhaps that’s my problem. Although, that … Continue reading A Short Story: Psychologist’s Notepad

A Short Story: Alzheimer’s

“Write a story in which you have an Alzheimer’s, and as the story progresses, you lose the ability to communicate.” Waking from my slumber, I wince. I smell oranges. I feel as though my childhood is just around the corner, but of course, it isn’t. We used to lose our footballs in the surrounding gardens, play catch with fruit and create rope-swings. Our cul-de-sac had … Continue reading A Short Story: Alzheimer’s

A Few Short Stories: Furniture Project

After several emails and applications, my first fictional-based writing opportunity has come about. I’ve been emailing back and forth with someone for a while now who has requested that I ghost-write a few stories that meet a specific criteria and somehow mention a particular piece of furniture in them throughout. The reasoning behind this being that my new source of income happens to own a furniture shop and have a passion for words so figured that they could use the stories as a unique selling point. Definitely a peculiar selling technique but who am I to judge? Continue reading “A Few Short Stories: Furniture Project”