A Look at the Discrimination against Islam

Whilst I don’t often speak publicly about my opinions regarding topics of controversy, an issue that has truly unsettled me is the rising amount of discrimination and hostility towards the Islamic community – particularly considering recent terrorist attacks. Being subjected to abominable treatment because of the pigmentation of their skin and their religious beliefs is bad enough; finding it necessary to change how they look … Continue reading A Look at the Discrimination against Islam

Six Indie/Horror RPG’s You Must Know About

Lately, I’ve been feeling guilty for not giving my console and games the tender, loving care that I believe they deserve. Probably awakened by the job interview in which GAME have provided me with, I’ve realised that one of my most-favoured ways to pass time has really been on the side-line lately – undeservingly, might I add. Due to the following unforeseen circumstances: meeting Will; … Continue reading Six Indie/Horror RPG’s You Must Know About

An Interview with The Empire Police

Courtesy of Frequency 21, a music publication whom I’ve had the opportunity of writing for over the past few months, here is an example of one of my interviews. See more of my posts here. Having emerged during June of 2015, The Empire Police are an indie-rock band from Preston. The band is made up of Jordao Bassa, 19, on vocals and rhythm guitar, Tom … Continue reading An Interview with The Empire Police

Make Your Interests Part of Your Daily Routine

Needless to say, writing has taken a backseat in my life for the past two days – this makes me sad, but timekeeping has never been something that I’m good at. This weekend has felt like a rodeo bull and I haven’t known whether I’ve been coming or going for most of it. Work has been long and my hours in the outside world have been Continue reading “Make Your Interests Part of Your Daily Routine”

Don’t Be Like So Many Writers

I’ve spent the past three consecutive hours of my time attempting to complete four weeks’ worth of my Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). View the link if you’re lost as to what an EPQ is; I know that I was before being introduced to one.

I need a long break and I’ve perhaps only just finished ‘Week 2’ of my work schedule. Although I mustn’t be pessimistic really – to complete 2 weeks worth of diary entries, Continue reading “Don’t Be Like So Many Writers”

My First Physically Published Piece: Forgotten Football Giant

After sending countless emails and contacting an endless amount of sources, I managed to get my first article physically published into a newspaper. Small or big, I can’t begin to describe how proud I am of myself for getting my writing shared in the physical form. Additionally, the content of the article is the tale of an even greater success and one that is personal … Continue reading My First Physically Published Piece: Forgotten Football Giant

An Introduction to My Website

I’m sure plenty of the people who read this are already aware of the existence of my website and are more-than-likely wondering why I’m only introducing it now.

My website has been through the mill. It started out as an area to collect and display all the poetry I used to write (that was a bad phase), then it became my portfolio of writing-related work for employers and lately it’s been more Continue reading “An Introduction to My Website”