Bucket List

The following is my bucket list. A list in which will be getting altered, updated and completed (hopefully) as my life takes its course. Any links feature stories/writing that came from my experience.

  1. Experience my bucket list with someone I love


  1. Go to Africa


  1. Go to Budapest


  1. Go to Switzerland


  1. Go to Oswiecim, Poland


  1. Go to Rome


  1. Go to Berlin


  1. See a horror film at the cinema


  1. Write a book


  1. Write a screenplay


  1. Publish an article in a newspaper


  1. Attend a foreign music festival


  1. Attend a film festival


  1. Teach someone how to speak/write/understand English


  1. Watch E.T. all the way through


  1. Hold a BIG spider without crying


  1. Save a Bee


  1. American Road Trip


  1. Watch every Ryan Gosling film


  1. Attend a World Cup


  1. Get a horror-based tattoo


  1. Get a literature-based tattoo


  1. Cuddle a cow


  1. Kiss someone under a waterfall and at the top of a mountain


  1. Receive fan-mail (I wish)


  1. Write a love letter to someone / Receive a love letter


  1. Apply to be on a reality show (preferably crap Saturday night television or quiz shows)


  1. Attend a TED talk


  1. Go to a drive-in movie


  1. Go stargazing with someone (under a full moon)


  1. Write a blog post about the education system and its’ flaws


  1. Ride on the back of a motorbike


  1. Explore caves


  1. Fly in first class


  1. Get blessed by Buddhist monks


  1. Visit Oia, Santorini, Greece


  1. Donate blood


  1. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square


  1. Go camping at the Lake District (and not die)


  1. Visit a fortune teller


  1. Have a spa weekend


  1. Have breakfast in bed made for me


  1. Help an endangered/injured animal


  1. Run a marathon


  1. Visit a derelict asylum


  1. Go skinny-dipping


  1. Read the books behind my favourite Hitchcock films – Psycho, Vertigo, The Birds


  1. Buy my own house


  1. Learn to drive


  1. Adopt a pet from a shelter