Courtesy of Frequency 21, a music publication whom I’ve had the opportunity of writing for over the past few months, here is an example of one of my reviews. See more of my posts here.

Self-proclaimed American boyband and emperors of defying stereotypes, BROCKHAMPTON have continued their success with a second album which follows on directly and fluently from their first. The release of SATURATION II comes alongside the announced future release of SATURATION III and a song from that album, Follow – directly showing how the boys have put in an extensive amount of hard-work and produced more than anyone, themselves and fans alike, could expect.

A diverse and exclusive collective, BROCKHAMPTON have upgraded everything that they’ve already given to their fans in an incredibly short amount of time – just showing the amount of talent that the newly-emerging boyband possess. In addition to this, the group bounce between genres, address their personal issues through their music and attack homophobia; BROCKHAMPTON’s new album is equally as refreshing and eye-opening as the last.

To a lot of people’s dismay, BROCKHAMPTON fans or not, the step-up from one album to the other is rather unreal. The boyband’s improvement over the course of just under three months is impressive – specially to produce a 16-track album and announce another. BROCKHAMPTON are a group whom are really changing the game for this genre and for rap-collectives. Even more so considering the immense number of sensitive topics and LGBT issues they cover within their tracks.

BROCKHAMPTON seemingly aren’t just a boyband, but an other-worldly being. They alternate and throw around different verses, themes and liberal styles into each other and often sparingly. Whilst some listeners may lack an understanding, not quite get the hype and see this as a chaotic mess – that’s the point. BROCKHAMPTON consists of a dozen unique and firm personalities; all of which share different points of view, yet exist equally amongst each other. Wouldn’t you agree that that’s BROCKHAMPTON’s ideology? And possibly, a completely new spin on the rap genre?

We’ve experienced a dozen of rap-collectives, from ODD FUTURE to The Internet, but BROCKHAMPTON are a boyband. They intend to be different and they intend to have a brand-new purpose – SATURATION I, II and (hopefully) III are begging their fans, colleagues and other musicians to see this. SATURATION II has shifted the paradigm of rap and built new walls for the genre; the announcement of SATURATION III means that there is undoubtedly more progress to come.

Appropriately named, TOKYO is sure to have the smoothest production of all the songs on the album. The soprano sax personally gives me reminiscent vibes of classic jazz – if it was given a more modern trap rap remix. The hook over BROCKHAMPTON’s chosen beat is incredibly catchy; a tune that you’ll find yourself mumbling to yourself even after you’ve turned SATURATION II off.

In addition to the evident success of SATURATION and SATURATION II (also inevitably SATURATION III), the boyband will be making their first ever festival appearance at Tyler, The Creator’ Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in October alongside the likes of Lana Del Rey, Solange, The Internet, ASAP Rocky and Denzel Curry – the Texas-based boys are destined for some great achievements within the music industry.


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