A Few Short Stories: Furniture Project

I’ve been emailing back and forth with someone for a while now who has requested that I ghost-write a few stories that meet a specific criteria and somehow mention a particular piece of furniture in them throughout. The reasoning behind this being that my new source of income happens to own a furniture shop and have a passion for words so figured that they could use the stories as a unique selling point. 

Anyways, here is the first few stories that I managed to sell:

Dining Room Table: “Whilst the sky turned from blue to shades of orange and families in Aberdeen settled for the evening, the apprehensive intellectual Ellis Robbins had other things on his mind. Being at the dining room table with his girlfriend’s father whilst Eleanor finished up at work was a daunting prospect as much as it was nostalgic. Eleanor’s father, Abel Smith, was a tall man with prominent features who overwhelmed others with his kindness and friendly mannerisms. The sun continued to set whilst Ellis gathered to courage to tell Abel why he had chosen to stay at the family home for the weekend with them. Ellis cupped his mug which rested on the dining room table as he expressed to Abel his love for Eleanor. Ellis’ nerves were shown through his stutter and his restlessness but as he requested Abel’s permission to marry Eleanor, Abel’s kind stature and heart-warming smile comforted him. Abel’s position turned from that of a fragile fossil to a man who looked as though he had just been reborn. To make a change from the previous months that Abel had spent sat round the dining room table discussing with his wife whatever was on the news and what they were having for dinner, he was overwhelmed with joy that Ellis desired this. After hours of reminiscing past events and heartfelt memories of previous times in which they had been sat round that same dining room table, words couldn’t describe the joy and love that was consuming both Ellis and Abel in that moment.”

Bookcase: “In the evenings during Summer, Richmond was humid and vibrant. It provided wild nightlife and endless opportunities for whoever fancied it, especially Lilian Hines. Lilian Hines was an admirable singer with her thick voice and dazzling appearance. When she wasn’t performing, she resided in her own apartment with minimal furnishings where her living space only consisted of a sofa, a fish tank and a bookcase. Lilian’s company most days was her dog, Ruby, and her manager, Veronica Lamb. In recent weeks, Lilian had been attending many social events whilst a lot of the time her manager chose to stay home and look after Ruby. Veronica often had plenty of work to do which Lilian understood until she noticed that her music sheets had been vanishing from the small table next to the bookcase in which she organised them all. Although Lilian felt dramatic, she saw no option other than to install a camera on the bookcase and monitor it for the next few days. She had put so much time into writing music. Nobody else entered the apartment and she saw no other explanation for it. Tipsy and giggly, Lilian stumbled into her apartment the following Friday night to find that Veronica had discovered the camera watching her. Veronica was more amused than upset as Lilian explained why she had placed it (rather clumsily) on the bookcase the previous weekend. The camera was placed back onto the bookcase by Veronica as she led Lilian to the kitchen and showed her the damp and torn music sheets in the trash ad explained how they ended up there. The pair struggled to contain any laughter after discussing the misunderstanding.”

Bureau: “Dynamic and charming, Hopewell was alive as the sun gleamed off its waterfront and residents made their daily commute to work. Meanwhile, Pierce Johnston, who was exactly what most ladies meant by tall, dark and handsome, was sat in his briefs at his bureau restlessly tapping his pen and ignoring the breakfast made by lovingly his wife. There had been several months of preparation and the plan was reckless; it was realistic, and he knew he could rob that bank. It wasn’t risk-free but with the help of his partner-in-crime, Craig Morris, he knew it was possible. Pierce stood up from his bureau and with a stretch and noisy yawn. A glimpse of his wife was caught as she pranced around the kitchen cleaning and Pierce instantly became indecisive of whether today really was the day. The last thing he wanted was for the plan to go badly. His briefcase led on the bureau and he hesitantly glimpsed at it before he approached his wife who looked even more concerned than he did. Flustered, she made him sit down and the tone in her voice forced Pierce to realise that this wasn’t going to be their typical morning conversation. Pierce was still half-undressed but as his wife began telling him what she had to desperately say, he exclaimed several cheers of excitement and jumped around the kitchen with glee. Sara didn’t seem too impressed by the noise he was making but her eyes still warmed to him with an endless love. Pierce picked up his phone from the bureau in the other room and called Craig to alert him of the news. Pierce Johnston was having a baby and there was no chance in hell he was going to risk losing the family he dearly loved over a bank robbery. The phone line then went dead as Sara’s face lit up with joy and romance and the couple shared their elation with each other.”

Sofa: “As the sun rose across Abingdon, Bridget Vaughn got ready and set off to the gallery. The gallery was her gentle abode in which she catered to all the thriving artistic community that Abingdon withheld. Her husband, Mark, received a gentle kiss on the forehead as he lay on the sofa in which was a regular occurrence on weeknights as Bridget got annoyed at his snoring. Mark appeared asleep but his restless mind was more than awake as Bridget gently closed the front door. Bridget’s 40th birthday was in under 24 hours and all night, Mark had been trying to think of ideas, though he wasn’t as creative as Bridget. He stood up from the sofa making the cat that had been beside him stir. The cat slept on a sheet of paper on that had been carelessly left on the arm of the sofa. He saw the swirls of paint and instantly he had an idea. Bridget is an artist. He knew exactly what she would love. With the phone that had fallen between the cracks in the sofa during the night, Mark began dialling. By 4pm, Mark had solved it. Bridget’s favourite artist was kind enough to be the answer to all her husband’s worries and offer Bridget’s ideal gift. Mark could picture it now. The backdrop would be the white wall and Bridget’s art that fulfilled it. Meanwhile she would be resting on the sofa, posing to her hearts content. This would be a dream come true for Bridget. Painting by the favourite artists, in front of her favourite art and on her favourite sofa. Mark sat back on the sofa, now relieved He stroked the cat heartily who hadn’t stirred from the sofa’s arm and smiled. This wouldn’t just be a dream come true for his wife; he was never going to hear the end of how much of a great husband he was.”

It was definitely a strange task.


  1. strange but absolutely perfect, I love your choice of words and descriptions. Everything flowed perfectly in each short story, you did an amazing job ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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