Make Your Interests Part of Your Daily Routine

Needless to say, writing has taken a backseat in my life for the past two days – this makes me sad, but timekeeping has never been something that I’m good at. This weekend has felt like a rodeo bull and I haven’t known whether I’ve been coming or going for most of it. Work has been long and my hours in the outside world have been even longer; my brain has well-and-truly been battered and I feel as though it’s perhaps still sat in A&E. However, it’s Sunday evening and I’m off work for the next five days so the dark mass that’s making my mind cloudy is slowly beginning to clear.

The thought of writing anything this weekend or thinking up post ideas and writing prompts has been an abysmal thought. Writing a 700-word article for Talkie Magazine today was more of a task for me than it probably would’ve been for my cat. Which is evident, considering I left my laptop on before work this morning and came home to an email draft of utter-shite and a cat sleeping next to my laptop.  Anyways, the article, which could’ve taken me half an hour and should’ve been finished earlier this weekend, took me three hours all before it was due to be posted publicly today at 4pm; whether this was due to being at work or quite frankly feeling too exhausted to write, I’m not sure. Either way, I’ve blatantly not felt great. Considering productivity is what makes me happy on my down-days, it appears that my week of writing extroversions are trying to come to an end.

By all means necessary, I’m rather determined to make efforts to keep up with my writing. Not only does it kill time when I’m bored, make me feel productive when I feel useless and offer me great experiences regarding my future – it also provides a distraction and a release. On days and weekends like this – when I feel worn-down and disheartened – writing or reading offers me some consolation. It probably sounds soppy, or a little bit sad, but the ability to have an outlet for my thoughts, beliefs and experiences through writing makes me feel better. The opportunity to have such a vast collection of amazing books by equally as brilliant authors gives me the greatly-granted ability to take myself away and not think about whatever other thoughts are flowing through my mind. All I must think about is the words that I’m typing or the words that I’m processing.

During my shift on Saturday, me and my colleague spoke about having hobbies. Similarly to me, she’s struggling with the loss of some friendships and doesn’t have many people that she can see on a regular basis and finds herself bored or run-down. She’s always in admiration of my writing and supports me every step of the way; seeing her wish to find her own hobby and reading the books that I’ve recommended makes me feel completely uplifted knowing that I’ve inspired someone to take up something in their spare time that I’m passionate about. All the endless rambling and time-consuming chatter about my writing and my favourite books doesn’t completely go to waste.

I believe that if there is anything I’ve taken from my prolonged and dreadful weekend, it’s the fact that having a hobby (or something to do in your spare time if, like me, the word ‘hobby’ makes you cringe a little) is so incredibly important. My Mum likes the gym, Will enjoys biking and I know that my best-friend, Hazel, loves drawing. I’ve come to the realisation that it’s highly significant to have a release whenever you’re stressed, bored, angry or any amalgamation of negative emotions.

Being totally frank, if I didn’t have the ability to write at this moment in time and was scrolling through my Facebook feed instead, I’d probably be pulling my own hair out. No matter what the situation, mood or circumstances, it’s always essential to have an escape. This probably isn’t the case for everyone and I know it’s not the case for me all the time – but some of the time, having the ability to separate myself from others via a book or a keyboard allows me to have the much-needed time to clear my head, remember to breath and recognise what’s most important. Not only this, but I get to be productive and possibly produce some meaningful work at the same time too. This goes for any hobby. My Mum learns at the gym. Will builds his bike and the jumps he takes it on. Hazel masters a range of artistic forms.

It took me a while to realise just how important having a hobby can be to some people, including myself. It’s not just about refining a skill and burning some time, it’s about escapism and enjoyment too.



10 thoughts on “Make Your Interests Part of Your Daily Routine

    1. Definitely! My life is similarly a mess at the moment but I’ve slowly got myself a blogging schedule going alongside the other writing tasks I end up doing! It’s definitely important to find something you enjoy and use it to it’s best ability all of the time.


  1. Hi, its funny how you don’t realise how important having a hobby can be until you have one. I consider blogging to be one of mine that I try to fit in around everyday life.


    1. I know the ‘fog’ far too well and it’s such a hindrance, however it seems like nothing in comparison to when you are in the zone at last and can get yourself writing good content.


  2. I completely agree about your point of separating yourself from others so you can have some much needed time to yourself to breathe and enjoy your hobbies! I literally allocate a set amount of time each day just to do this because I get stressed so easily.

    I think you’ve made a lot of valid and important points here that a lot of people can relate to, and especially about writing being an escapism!

    Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed the read!

    Jenny x

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  3. I haven’t really had many hobbies in my life before I started blogging but having had my blog for nearly a year and loving it, I completely understand what you mean. Having a hobby you can really pour your passion into is amazing and a lovely way of giving yourself some “me time” away from the busyness of life x

    Claire |

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    1. With freelance writing, I sometimes forget the enjoyment I usually find in writing! But with blogging and doing my own freelance work for fun, I really noticed how important it is to make sure there’s always something which I enjoy for me to fall back on when I need! So yeah, it makes delightful ‘me time’! x

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